The making of a mini knitted Apollo 11 sweater from The Shining

It’s been a warm winter here in Sydney, but winter nonetheless.

My mum has knit me sweaters to get me through, but what of my toys? If Toy Story has taught me anything it is that they have feelings and need fashions too.

Thanks in part to Commander Chris Hadfield I am going through a bit of a space phase and requested a sweater with a rocket on it. I haven’t seen The Shining (and from what I understand I won’t be seeing it for a long time) but when my mum showed me this Apollo 11 sweater from the movie I knew this was the sweater that my toy sloth had to have:

Apollo 11 sweater The Shining

Without further ado, I present to you the making of a mini knitted Apollo 11 sweater from The Shining for a knitted toy sloth:

Apollo 11 sweater the shining


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The mini Apollo 11 sweater from The Shining: An essential item for any toy’s wardrobe

Apollo 11 sweater the shining