A sunny winter’s day in Newfoundland

In a world where I can mix plaid, sailboats, fake fur, and a hoodie – anything’s possible ; )

In Arnold’s Cove, Newfoundland.

Hat by Bardot Junior; plaid shirt and boots by Joe Fresh kids; hoodie by American Apparel Kids; trousers by Bobo Choses.

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  1. Kristin
    February 7, 2012

    Love the photos! Love all the little footprints in the dusting of snow on the deck! Marshall must have had fun marching around in his funky plaid/sailboats/fake fur/hoodie/boots :)

  2. February 7, 2012

    Love your photos of the little big man exploring. It brings back memories. Wish I could do it all over again. I would stop longer to enjoy their moment. I never comes back.

  3. Lori Beck
    February 7, 2012

    Cute heading and I love the leggings. I want some.

    • February 27, 2012

      I want some too :)

  4. kate may
    February 8, 2012

    one of my favourite outfits yet :)

  5. becks*
    February 14, 2012

    so beautiful!

  6. February 25, 2012

    Congratulations on being FP! He’s adorable and SO COOL! :D

  7. February 25, 2012

    Marshall Ace, you are a Freshly Pressed machine, and cute to boot :)

  8. I dress the same way but I don’t have the cute hat. Must get one for my adult son…he wanted one for Christmas….Enjoy the good weather days there….we seemed to have missed winter here in our corner of Southwestern Ontario…..

  9. February 25, 2012

    Love the sailboats on the leggings! Pretty stylish! And I envy that hat. Looks so nice and warm.

  10. February 25, 2012

    He totally ROCKS that look…wish I could do the same! But alas, fur and plaid on me would only lead others to conclude that I indeed belong in an institution…


  11. February 25, 2012

    Your photography is awesome! I totally love your kid’s outfit, he defiantly is setting a trend in my eyes ;)! Totally love the pics, thank you for sharing :D!

  12. February 25, 2012

    i like your kid’s smile and his dress actaully so cute…
    your way of taking snap is out standing i like your snaps

  13. February 25, 2012

    Baby-winter-newfoundland2 is my personal favorite. Love the perspective, the light and composition. Well done!

    But more importantly you have given your baby a VOICE.
    [I’m a baby. And a fashion blogger.]
    Laughing pretty hard half way around the world. Can you hear me? This is what the good stuff in life is made of.
    Thank you for sharing. Congratulations of being FP’d.
    Looking forward to your future post for sure.

  14. February 25, 2012

    Lovely photos… I can see a bit of a pout going on there!

  15. February 25, 2012

    He is a lucky, curious and intelligent boy, you can see that on those few photos. Bless to the parents of lucky children and, of course, to all children.

    Kind regards from Luenen at Dortmund, Germany

  16. Amy Pirt
    February 25, 2012

    Love this blog. It’s a really witty idea.

  17. February 25, 2012

    He is downright adorable! :D Love the hat.

  18. February 25, 2012

    Our family from Nova Scotia often talks about Newfoundland when they come to visit. Pretty funny stories they tell. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  19. February 25, 2012

    i’m an east coaster currently living on the west coast- was so nice to see some of the beautiful scenery a little closer to home. thanks for sharing :) and my oh my, do you ever have a cutie on your hands- so adorable :)

  20. February 25, 2012

    Cuteness overload, I love it! Beautiful photography and very stylish! :)

  21. February 25, 2012

    Such beautiful photos! I am a WordPress photographer as well, so I absolutely love when I see posts like this! Great job.

    • Thanks so much Aaron – we certainly aren’t “photographers” on your level but we know when to find the good light and have cute subject matter :)

  22. February 25, 2012

    Diggin’ the hat. Makes me miss home (New Brunswick) hope all is well on the Rock!

  23. February 25, 2012

    I’ve always wanted to go to Newfoundland. I have been close several times, but now I want to take the CAT (If one goes there) over to visit. I’ll go in summer if you don’t mind. It looks too bloomin’ cold to be there right now.
    Nice photos, and a cute kid.

    • Big ferries – from Nova Scotia you can go:

      1. North Sydney to Port au Basques which is the quickest ferry journey (5-7 hours) but very far from the capital (900km), St. John’s

      2. Or you can take a 17-hour journey from North Sydney to Argentia, which is right near St. John’s.

      If you want to see the more of the island and go to Gros Morne National Park then option one is best :)

      Good luck!

  24. February 25, 2012

    Congrats on being freshly pressed! I need a pair of the sailboat pants, but somehow I don’t think I could ever looks as good as you Marshall.

  25. February 25, 2012

    Congrats on being freshly pressed!! I was so excited to see newfoundland in a title on the Pressed page..I am from Newfoundland and have been living away for many years. Love your wee man’s outfit and love the photos of Arnold’s Cove!Thanks for posting and for mentioing the greatest place to live on Earth!!

  26. February 25, 2012

    He is adorable and Newfoundland is such a gorgeous place. I was there two yrs ago at St John’s. The best time ever.

  27. February 25, 2012

    Yes, your statement 100% correct. I enjoyed all of your photography.

  28. February 25, 2012

    I want sailboat leggings! Those are awesome :D

  29. February 25, 2012

    We love Newfoundland! Beautiful pictures!

  30. February 25, 2012

    Absolutely beautiful. My mom is from Newfoundland and I’m definitely going to share it with her. I know she’ll love it

  31. February 25, 2012

    Man, you are good!! I love your photo’s, they are so unique and interesting!! I love ’em!!!(:

  32. February 25, 2012

    Awwwiii…lovvvvve the kid! want to hold him in my arms and touch his cheeks with my fingers :) Great post!

  33. February 25, 2012

    I was really struck by the sunny winter day photo. Just brilliant! Thank you for that!

  34. February 26, 2012

    Totally and utterly delightful!!

  35. February 26, 2012

    His smile is priceless :) So Adorable!

  36. February 26, 2012

    cute…nice photos. It looks beautiful up there!

  37. February 26, 2012

    Thanks for sharing these great photos. Newfoundland is on my top 5 list of places to visit. I know many people from there and I really want to see a iceberg, and see all the colours and experience all that NFLD has to offer!!

  38. February 26, 2012

    I grew up spending my summers in St. Johns! It’s where my family is from. These photographs are lovely.

  39. February 26, 2012

    nice outfit and pictures. congrats for being freshly pressed.

  40. blackshepherd
    February 26, 2012

    Wow!!! You take great pictures! I didn’t even have a camera when I was 3…and the ones you took of your self! Amazing!!! You must use a timer? Anyway, it’s good to see 3 year olds taking charge…your time has come….do it for the two year olds! They’re not quite awake yet…as you know….does Dad let you drive yet? Cause I think you’re ready…just say this: “DaDa, me steer…you do peddles…” trust me…it worked for me! Later Gator!

  41. February 26, 2012

    Gorgeous photography! Adorable little boy! I truly enjoyed these photos and look forward to viewing more of your blog! Thank you for sharing something so precious!


  42. February 26, 2012

    Those are very great photographs! Very cute kid!

  43. February 26, 2012

    Love your pictures they are lovely :) love the leggings I have a little farmer who would love a tractor pair :)

  44. February 26, 2012

    Congrats on being freshly pressed! This is the cutest blog I’ve ever seen ^-^

  45. February 26, 2012

    Great pictures and he is ADORABLE!!

  46. February 26, 2012

    Fab pic’s… he looks like a real little man’s man!

  47. tom
    February 26, 2012


  48. February 26, 2012

    Photos are amazing! And he is adorable :) Loving the whole look, but the trousers are something I must get in my size. Sooo cute!

  49. Bella
    February 26, 2012

    I think this blog is mean to your poor kid…. Sure he is gorgeous and the clothes are super cute… but your making him like a zoo attraction and some beautiful things are so because they are private… like the life of your baby.
    You have the skills to create such a beautiful and popular blog… why do you need to publicly display your little boy as the medium…?

  50. February 27, 2012

    i love the photos of the senery amazing work :D

    love the pics
    check out my blog angeleryka.wordpress.com

  51. February 27, 2012

    I enjoy the last photo with the top down perspective; that you for giving us a glimpse :-)

    I am so surprised at some of the comments!

  52. February 27, 2012

    Thank you for bringing me back to childhood visits to Newfoundland. Love the landscape, the kid, the clothes… :)

  53. February 27, 2012

    Cool outfit, cute little boy… amazing photos!

  54. February 27, 2012

    You have a truly great eye for seeing the same and popular in a new angle. Have been keeping an eye on your posts latelly ;) A little blog detective hi hi ;)

    Last one is my total favorite! Sort of steady but so intriguing! ANd you have quite a great style going on there,little Mister ;)


  55. February 27, 2012

    I absolutely love the photos very much. The landscape was perfect especially the kid. Hopefully when fatherhood knocks on my door, I wish I could have a son as cute and adorable as he is. :)

  56. February 27, 2012

    Love the photos. What a sweetheart! My hubby’s a Newf. We spend time there every other summer. Great shots!

  57. February 27, 2012

    Awesome shots! Your little model is a future Zoolander!

  58. February 27, 2012

    Love the photos… what type of camer do you use?

      • February 29, 2012

        I am looking to get a new camera so that is helpful. Thank you.

  59. February 27, 2012

    I love the fourth one from the top – it looks like your little guy is about to throw down some rap lyrics! you caught such a great look on his face!

  60. February 27, 2012

    Newfoundland has captured my heart ever since I read “Shipping News” by Annie Proulx. Your photos are just as beautiful as her writing. And I just gotta say, love the pants. :)

  61. February 27, 2012

    The smile on that little angel’s face – it warms my heart!

  62. February 27, 2012

    Every time I see a picture of Newfoundland I get homesick and want to get in my car and head for North Sidney to catch the boat!!

  63. February 27, 2012

    I will dress my child like this, someday! please wait 10 or so years so I can make a blog post about it and highlight you as my inspiration :)

  64. February 27, 2012

    He looks ready to go into the wild! Love your shots, the town looks so peaceful in your photography.

  65. February 27, 2012

    This is fantastic, and Canadian, so that’s always a bonus, totally liking the hat like everyone else is saying

  66. Jenn
    February 28, 2012

    Shout outs to Poppy!!! Oh Marshall Ace, you are the cutest boy in the whole world! I will see you again soon! xoxoxoxoxo Aunt J

  67. February 28, 2012

    Such great pictures, the fashion is great! I love it when kids put together the outfits we think wouldn’t go together and then when they are done they look so natural and cute! The senic pictures are wonderful and clear as well. You have a great eye for photography and your family looks so wonderful. Have a great winter and can’t wait to see what you post next. :)

  68. February 28, 2012

    How completely adorable, I love love love the hat!!!! Fabulous pictures!

  69. February 29, 2012

    I really loved the 5th image. All of these images are great.

  70. February 29, 2012

    I miss Canada (my native land), thank you for the photos! My roommate in University was from Newfoundland :)

    • March 13, 2012

      Oh, and the fourth picture really captures the beauty of everyday life.

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