ksubi Kid launches colourful new range, mum gets sentimental

I checked out these samples from the new ksubi Kid range for Target, which is available for pre-order online now but not in store until 12 December.

This line is how I imagine the 1990s would have looked. Or, what my mum calls, “the good old days” when The Fresh Prince of Bel Air ruled the world.


ksubi Kid For Target: Royalty TeeDouble Back ShortsCape TeeUnicorn Baseball TeeDrumkit Tee, Graffiti Shorts

Shoes by Converse Kids, Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Dodgers kids’ official caps from Hollywood Boulevard


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  1. December 3, 2012

    Wow this line is amazing! Totally takes me back to my childhood. This is how kids dressed in my day (especially that last outfit). Love the colours! And the first one just needs a baggy plaid button-up over the tee and you would fit right in with a 90’s grunge band.

  2. tiny
    December 3, 2012

    :) band t-shirt + ripped jeans + flannel + docs = my mum in highschool ;)

  3. becks*
    December 4, 2012

    what a stud! xo

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