Banksy opens high-security installation under New York’s High Line

In New York, they say that when people know about something it isn’t cool anymore.

Such can be said about The High Line, which opened in 2009: while out-of-towners (yours truly included) stroll with wide eyes and babyccinos from Chelsea Market along this mile-long playground above the streets, ask a local and they will likely tell you that it is so four years ago.

On a related note, Banksy is currently running a 5-day installation under the High Line with a $50,000 security price tag. Does he not trust tourists? ;)

New York High Line

New York High Line

New York High Line

New York High Line

New York High Line

On The High Line

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    • tiny
      October 22, 2013

      Thank you! So as a local – High Line? Thoughts? x

      • October 28, 2013

        We had out of town visitors over the weekend and guess where they asked to go? The High Line. It should be renamed “The Highway.” No longer cool for the natives, I’m afraid. Just another overcrowded, overhyped attraction.

        And speaking of hype…Banksy — don’t get me started LOL

        Hope you had fun!!

  1. Kristin Finley
    October 23, 2013


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