A talking house and other highlights from New Brunswick

As part of our east coast road trip we stopped in St. Stephen, New Brunswick – a quaint boarder town known for its bed and breakfasts and its self-proclaimed title as “Canada’s Chocolate Town.”

I didn’t get to visit the Chocolate Museum, but here is what I got up to, in my own words:

This is a lighthouse and a bridge. I am running when I am not supposed to.


We are on a bridge. I am wearing zebra shoes. I don’t know why we took a picture of our shoes.


This is the ocean and it is big. It looks like it was bit by a shark.


This is a ship. I don’t know what kind of ship it is. Oh it’s a boat. It is in Canada.


I’m sitting on the boat. Did I fall over?


This house is in the grass. It is a talking house. It talks about things. I don’t know what kind of things. I would like it to talk about funny jokes.



The waterfront at St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada

Blair House Heritage Breakfast Inn

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  1. December 10, 2013

    Thank you for this post Marshall! I love the photos and your accompanying commentary. You are such a nice little guy :)

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