Day – 6: Tired of packing

Over the next six months this blog will no doubt showcase a series of inspirational travel photos that will make us look very glamorous and fun. There will also be photos showcasing the mundane, tiring and unsexy parts of travel. These photos represent the latter.

Getting to the pointy end of packing what we want to take on the journey (not too much), what we are going to be shipping to Europe (quite a lot) and what we will give away/bin, a sorting-induced trance took my attention away from Marshall for long enough that I actually realised I couldn’t find him. In our 90-square-metre apartment.

After yelling his name with no response I ran into his room to find him curled up, asleep in his toy teepee. I guess we have to ship that one.

– Mum

Tired of packing

Tired of packing

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  1. Kate Cody
    March 8, 2014

    The teepee must go xx

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