Day 8: Swimming with sea lions

1900km+ travelled since Sydney and we found ourselves in a tiny and quiet town, Baird Bay, with around 20 houses, a campsite and an outfit for swimming with sea lions and dolphins in their natural state. And the sunset… wow. – Mum

We swam with the sea lions and then we got hot chocolate. I was scared. – Marshall




baird-bay-south-australia_2 baird-bay-south-australia_dolphin-sea-lion-swimming baird-bay-south-australia_dolphin-swimming baird-bay-south-australia_sea-lion-swimming_1 baird-bay-south-australia_sea-lion-swimming baird-bay-south-australia_sea-lions baird-bay-south-australia_sunset


If you have just joined us we are currently travelling overland from Sydney, Australia to London, UK.

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  1. April 19, 2014

    Another great post! Love your dinosaur shirt, hat, and red boots Marshall! I also love the camper car :)

  2. April 20, 2014

    Very interesting article and lovely pictures. The blue sky is alike the one you can see in Romania. Did you ever visit Romania?

    Great esteem Iolanda from Pure Romania!

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