Happy Mother’s Day

My grandmother is 89 and she has Alzheimer’s. These pictures were taken four years ago – when she still had teeth, when she still fed herself, when she only looked confused or scared once in a while, when she still knew when she had to use the toilet, when she couldn’t really speak but you knew she understood, and when I think she still knew who I was. AlzheimersAlzheimers_2 Alzheimers_3Alzheimers_5Alzheimers_8Alzheimers_9


Grandma spent her whole life raising eight children and being attentive and loving to 30+ grandchildren and great grandchildren. Virtually every inch of her small, three-level Etobicoke home was covered in school photos, drawings and cards – fit for an episode of Extreme Hoarders.

Happy Mothers’ Day to you Grandma, and to all the lovely people who now take such good care of you. – Mum

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  1. May 11, 2014

    This is such a beautiful gift. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • tiny
      June 12, 2014

      Thank you :)

  2. May 12, 2014

    Love to your grandma and Happy Mothers Day to you both (and to your gorgeous mum too). What a job Grandma did to fill so many people with love xx

  3. Renzobaby
    May 26, 2014

    Just to say thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures and stories of the love a mother has and the huge ripple her love makes all over the world.

    • tiny
      June 12, 2014

      Aww thank you! She is a very special Great Grandma xo

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