Two days

I'm alive!

One month

Wahey - I'm one month old today! Went shopping with mum and she got me a new book and I took a giant poop. Good times.

Seven weeks

Yay I'm seven weeks!

16 weeks

Yay yay I'm 16 weeks today! I like to chew my fists, go to the fish markets with my dad and play peek-a-boo. I touched a mango and a koala.

Five months

Yay I'm five months old today! I've crawled a little, roll around like a champ and tried solids. I met Cate Blanchette and she told me I am cute.

Six months

Yay I'm six months old today! I tried pineapple and went to New Zealand. I've seen almost every Australian Open match so far - this is me being tired of tennis.

Seven months

Hey hey I'm seven months old today! I'm an expert at crawling, playing the tambourine and splashing everyone else in my swimming lesson. My favourite things are fish, bananas, electrical outlets and not sleeping.

Eight months

Hey hey I'm eight months old today! I'm a master of climbing the stairs, pulling myself up and walking across everything I can, and finding dangerous items. I love making funny faces, guitar, and strangers.

Nine months

Hey hey it's my inside out birthday - I've been on the outside as long as I was on the inside! I'm wearing my clothes inside out today. I'm also chewing on my pram, I'm teething.

10 months

I’m ten months old today! I went to Shanghai, was Freshly Pressed and went on my first slide.



11 months

Hey hey I'm 11 months old today! I survived a week without my mummy and can run around the flat pushing my potty. My favourite things include: pulling people's hair, Yo Gabba Gabba and pointing.