1. Wow! What a great adventure Marshall! I look forward to the exciting updates and more amazing photos!

  2. 2/18/2014

    How thrilling for you! How long will your journey take? (As long as it takes…?) Oblast to Moscow…how? TransSiberian RR? Can’t wait for the posts.

    • tiny

      Hey hey! About 5 months. Yes – we will drive across Australia, cruise from Perth to Singapore, then trains and buses to Hong Kong (with lots of stops and excitement along the way, of course) then train to Xian, then Beijing, then to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia then on the Transsiberian to Moscow, on to St. Petersburg and then through Europe back to London. Phew! Will be posting lots here xoxox

  3. Wowzer…that sound incredible Marshall! I’m super excited to follow your journey on here.What a trip!!!

  4. Kwame Akuffo

    wow love you guys

  5. Marcus

    See you Karla and safe trip

  6. Karla

    What an awesome adventure! Travel safely, enjoy ! Love and miss you 3 so very much. P.S. little mistake with your travel journey welcome to 2014 ❤

  7. 5/8/2014

    Singapore!! I live there :) Come say hi!

    • tiny

      I’m so sorry we missed you while we were there! Don’t worry – I remember you asked for a video and I haven’t forgotten! I have a great one of me singing the Adventure Time theme song – just have had VERY slow internet connections recently! xo

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