1. 2/27/2012

    This morning, I’d just booked 2 seats on an AA flight; then, right after, your blog post arrived in my inbox. I love your blog! Such a great way to start the day. Big smile. Adorable child!

  2. Your blog is cute. What were you doing in Newfoundland???? That is my home province, haven’t been back in years. I’m new here don’t think my blog is as cute as yours. LOL

  3. becks*

    i hope the attendant on my next flight is as cute as you!

  4. 2/28/2012

    How did you ever get away with that last shot?

    • I was working!

      (and maybe it was not operating for any other actual airlines…)

  5. 2/28/2012

    Adorable! Were the top and leggings intentionally named after airlines, American and United? If so, I don’t want to ride Tippy airlines.

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