1. I’ve been following your blog for a month or so. And love it. I have 2 little kids myself. And I’m curious. What is it that you do to be fortunate enough to travel around the world with your family?

    • Thanks so much :)

      – Don’t own a car (big savings!)
      – Have close family and friends on three continents
      – Publishing, so occasional travel for work and sometimes able to work remotely and spend quality time with the grandparents!

  2. you kill me with your posts!!! You are awesome! Keep them coming :)

    • Thank you so much. The world of baby fashion is tough, but I’ll keep it going as long as I can :)

      • well you have done a great job so far and you have set the bar high for all other babies

  3. 4/11/2012

    It looks so different to what I would have expected! Gorgeous shots.

  4. 4/11/2012

    um, his hair looks SO so good.

  5. becks*

    love the teal jumper and sunnies! what a rock star! x

  6. katebcn

    his hair DOES look so good! i LOVE the last shot!!

  7. 4/12/2012

    i love your blog – not only for the cute factor, but your composition + all the rich colors!!! i love your eye!

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