1. 5/22/2012

    Yes I did just check this post three times in an hour. Mondays are a little dull usually. This post? The crazy mom cart wheels? Totally perked me up!

  2. 5/22/2012

    OMG — cartwheels! I’m going turning a few right now in my living room and tire myself out for later!!

    • It really worked – mum said it’s also good for bringing on lower back pain and leg cramps. ;)

      • 5/22/2012

        excellent! thank you for nothing LOL!!

  3. […] his take on toddler style and world travel and having a mom who is prone to random outbursts of cartwheels. The result is a fresh, artistic, and super approachable look at the harshly hemmed world of […]

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