1. Hm… I would say… the Tuxe luxe tee with either the black pants from Fashion week chic or skinny jeans and white shoes from Tiny Londoner. That’s my two cents :P

  2. 6/4/2012

    I heart* Tux Luxe and Pastel Bunny, but let’s be honest, I think Marshall Ace will need at least 3 wardrobe changes xo *muah

  3. 6/4/2012

    Hi Tiny, I’m one of the finalists alongside you in these awards. I am so impressed and in awe of your work. Love scrolling through and have raved about you possibly more than I have raved about myself in these awards. Good luck!

    The Girl

    • Oh thank you so much! How sweet of you to get in touch, you have such lovely photos on your site. We will have to have a drink (you wine me milk) on the night. Good luck xoxoxo

  4. Molly

    My top three are definitely “Fashion Week Chic” with the “The Green Skinny Jeans”, of course! I’m sure he’s going to look awesome regardless.

  5. I like “Fashion Week Chic” with the green skinnys. The color totally caught my eye. He’s gonna look great regardless.

    • Loving the mash-ups! Thanks so much. I think as per Johanna’s advice I’m going to have to do some wardrobe changes…

  6. 6/4/2012

    I don’t know… I’m thinking now might be the right time to get those pink skinny jeans you’ve been thinking of and teaming them with the ‘tux luxe’ top.

      • 6/5/2012

        Oooh, yes I have. Or Oskar has (because it would be weird if I was wearing size 4 kids leggings). I just need to take a good photo.

        I’ve changed my mind – I’m imagining there aren’t too many opportunities that call for something as fancy as your Turkish outfit. I think you should rock that.

    • I was hoping someone would say Turkish Delight – I’m pretty sure with that one I won’t have to worry about anyone wearing the same outfit.

  7. In the words of Rachel Zoe, “I feel like he needs OPTIONS.”

    Option 1: Pastel bunny + green skinnies. I’m a sucker for anything bunny.
    Option 2: Tux tee, skinny jeans, fashion week blazer, white sneaks
    Option 3: Turkish Batman Delight?
    Option 4: ELMO!


  8. Natalie

    Tiny Londoner, or Turkish Delight orrr Tux shirt with Fashion week blazer and green skinnies! Too cute Marshall Ace x

  9. OK so far it looks like a mash-up: green skinnies with tux luxe shirt, fashion week chic blazer and Tiny Londoner white shoes. I may also throw in the Turkish delight vest for a splash of colour.

  10. Alison

    I’m going to go against the grain and say “harem flamingo”. I think it’s the perfect fashion blogger look: stylish, a teeny bit quirky, and not too serious. Winner!

    • Those are my favourite travel pants. They are comfy and suit most climates.

  11. minh-duyennn

    In order of favs: 7, 9, 4, 1. I hope you all have a blast!! :)

  12. 6/6/2012

    I think the sparkle shoes from the guitar post need to be included as well :)

  13. 6/8/2012

    Hands down the Flamingo that is the sweetest get up I’ve seen!

  14. […] shirt from Paddy’s Market, green skinny jeans by Cotton On Kids, shoes by Supra. Thanks for helping me choose :) spread some {tiny} love Pin ItShare on TumblrEmailLike this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

  15. 6/16/2012

    Tiny Londoner takes the cake

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