1. 6/11/2012

    Oh, I’ve been waiting to find out how it went. I like that you went with a pair of jeans from Kutie Protocol’s new neon range – good call, my friend… good call. Looks like a blast!

    • Aww thank you Louise – it went very well! And my you know your labels – these jeans are my current front running favs. They are so comfy and look fab with my Batman shoes (aka the only shoes I currently want to wear).

  2. 6/12/2012

    Love the blue-orange combo!! And of course the shades ^-^
    Everything looks amazing, wish I could have been there!

      • 6/14/2012

        Yes definitely! I can even suggest fun places to see in Calgary / Rocky Mountain area, if you’re interested in stopping there on your tour as well. Let me know!

  3. becks*

    looks like you had a great time! sad to have missed it. xx

  4. 6/12/2012

    A fun time was had by all, looks like :) Like the laughing guy — he must be looking at one of the classic Mr. Tiny photos…

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