10 Awesome kid-friendly museums and galleries

As the fourth installment in my The {Tiny} Ten series, here are 10 of my personal favourite child-friendly museums and galleries, in no particular order.

The {Tiny} Ten: 10 Awesome kid-friendly museums

10 awesome kids museums and galleries

1. American Museum of Natural History, New York, USA
*People’s choice* Tops for dino-lovers. Be sure to visit the Discovery Room for hands-on exploration.

2. CosmoCaixa, Barcelona, Spain
Science alive! Visit an indoor rainforest. Make sure to be here on the weekend for  ¡Toca, toca!

My visit

3. The Ontario Science Centre, Toronto, Canada
More hands-on science for the whole family. Was my mum’s first science museum : )

4. The Austin Children’s Museum, Austin, USA
12,500 square feet of interactive exhibits, right in downtown Austin.

5. Trainworks, Thrilmere, Australia
SO MANY TRAINS! Keep an eye on their website as they host “A Day Out with Thomas” – you get to ride a real Thomas-style steam engine, departing from Sodor station! Next dates: 23 and 24 March 2013.

My visit

6. Los Angeles County Museum of Arts (LACMA), Los Angeles, USA
A world-class art museum with a focus on family – any children under 17, including visitors, are eligible for free membership. This allows free entry for the child plus one adult. I’m a member!

My visit

7. Australian Museum, Sydney, Australia
More dinos! Plus one of the best children’s play areas – it even includes a small soft play area designed for younger children under two.

My visit

8. Science Museum London, UK
Another world-class science museum, with a range of excellent offerings for different age groups. Here are some of the current offerings for under 5s.

9. Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center, Shanghai, China
As a lover of cities and replica models, the amazing model scale of Shanghai that takes up nearly one whole floor of the building and includes buildings scheduled up until 2020 is an all-time favourite of mine. In the lovely and large People’s Park.

10. Miniaturk, Istanbul, Turkey
Not a museum as such – but an open-air park that features 120 buildings on a replica 1/25 scale of their counterparts, including 57 from Istanbul. A great way to see the all the major sites in one place :) The park also has lots of outdoor space and a swimming pool.

Honourable mentions

Istanbul Modern, Istanbul, Turkey
Check out the interactive section for children ages 6-12.

Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia
Of particular interest to me is the giant steam engine that greets me in the entrance hall. It’s science + technology + art + an awesome playground + a long-running Wiggles exhibition.

Children’s Museum of the Arts, New York, USA
I get to *be* the art.

I will be posting the rest of The {Tiny} Ten over the next couple of weeks. Next up: top 10 children’s shopping websites.