Getting ready for the long-haul

Carry on

The top: Must be light but also warm enough to stand up to that cold, recycled plane air. A pattern that helps distract from my inevitable food spills is a bonus. Pictured: Bonds Stretchies long-sleeved tee with navy and white stripes.

The bottoms: An elastic waste is essential – I give very little notice when I need to use the loo, so every second counts. I also like pockets to hold important things such as: crayons, food I don’t want to eat and mysteries I find on the plane floor. Pictured: Bonds Stretchies trackies in grey.

The shoes: Wear shoes that look like boring old shoes or wear shoes that look like cars. I choose the latter.Pictured: Converse kids.

The accessory: This novelty wooden watch gives the appearance that I can tell time. It’s awesome-o’clock – always. (I have no idea where this watch came from).

The read: A long flight is a great opportunity to catch up on some reading. I am currently into “Dinosaur Zoom” – it really brings to life both paleontology and the automotive industry in a rigorous debate.

The hydration: My cute, collapsible tiger water container makes drinking water even more necessary. Pictured: Foldable tiger water bottle.

The bag: The brighter the better – no mistaking what’s mine in the overhead compartment. Pictured: Fjallraven kids’ backpack in yellow.

The comfort: There is no thing in the entire world more comforting than my knitted toy sloth. He doubles as a pillow and my BFF.

Carry on

And then, of course, we need the layers.