1. Kate Cody

    You’ve made being super organised look highly attractive. But I bet it took work.
    Will be interesting to see what you discard or pick up along the way friend xx

  2. 3/11/2014

    This is so exciting! What and adventure. Please please do some videos, still dying to hear what Marshall sounds like now that he can talk :D Have a great & safe trip!

  3. 3/11/2014

    WOW! Great packing Marshall and Mum! I can imagine it took some time to narrow down your choices of things to bring! But you did it! What an exciting adventure you have ahead of you! I will be travelling with you in my heart and looking forward to your wonderful posts. Big hug for little you!

  4. Cheryl

    Curious Karla, have you found that you packed exactly what you needed? Did you wish you brought something that you don’t have….I can’t believe you have anything extra in there!

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