M is for Marshall

Helvetica infant onesie “Mm” in red and infant California hoodie in black by American Apparel; reversible crawler pants and socks by Baby Gap.

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  1. Kellie
    March 31, 2011

    So cute! I saw these on the AA site and was sad they didn’t have an F version! Glad Marshall was able to take advantage!

    Ps. Keith says Marshall looks JUST LIKE Scott here!

    • marshall ace
      April 1, 2011

      Hey Finley –

      They do have Ff in Heather Grey/Peacock!

      There is no photo of it but if under “colours” you select the first square that is the grey/greeny colour it is an Ff top.


      Not very user-friendly I must say.

      If you get it do send me a photo.

      And thank you – I think my dad is quite handsome : )

      -Marshall Ace

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