Dear Man Repeller,

I’m a huge fan of your blog and admire your style – but, you’ve got me worried! I love harem pants, layering and novelty items.

Am I repelling the opposite sex? Please assess:


1. The hat – I realise it may look like a rectangle of road kill with two dangling gerbils. And, it is also 20 degrees Celsius outside, so yeah.


2. The shoes – featuring shiny reflective spots on what I can only assume to be fake leather. And the laces aren’t real, they are just elastic. I can’t tie my shoes (is that going to be a problem?)


3. The pants – these are harem pants that I have had to pull up to my chin and cuff at the bottom to avoid Marshall’s face v boardwalk, boardwalk wins.



4. The jacket - two words: novelty zippers.


With sincerest regards,


Marshall Ace.