My carry-on essentials

1 The reading material | I am currently really into Lucy Cousins. Hooray for Fish is a classic.

2 The multimedia | I don’t care how many channels the inflight entertainment has – I need a dedicated Diego channel + non-stop baby versions of the Rolling Stones and Michael Jackson + an interactive Alphabet Game.

3 The snacks | Like seriously, do we even need to talk about plane food?

4 The milk and bottles/cups | Mum puts the formula in a big ziplock bag with a scoop to take up less room.

5 The change of clothes | Accidents do happen. Plus, you never know when you may be upgraded – so it is good to have something comfortable, but stylish, on hand. These leggings are a staple of mine.

6 The teddy | It’s nice to have something comfy to squeeze when the plane gets bumpy.

7 The blanket | My Minti blankie is good for keeping me warm – and making forts.

8 The medicine | If you get a toothache, earache or temperature at 40,000 feet it is good to have some relief on hand.

9 The toiletries | Bring more wipes, nappies and cream then you ever think you would need.

10 The luggage | My fire engine Trunki may be clunky – but I can push it, ride on it, and I even play with it in our hotel room. And it also fits all my stuff.

Top by Minti, cotton denim trousers by Bonds Baby, socks by Tippy Toes.