1. Hi I’ve been following your blog for a while and just wanted to say how much I enjoy it. I’m in the UK and am up a lot during the night feeding my daughter. It really cheers me up to see an e-mail notification from your blog pop into my inbox. Your pictures are fantastic and your little one has great taste in clothes. I especially love the L.A.M.B shoes. Keep up the good work :)

    • What lovely things to say! Pretty soon the midnight feedings will be all done and you’ll both be running on a beach in L.A.M.B shoes :) xo

  2. 4/17/2012

    Santa Monica looks beautiful, but doesn’t hold a candle to your little sweetie. Love your blog! What a cool idea!! s.

  3. 4/17/2012

    you do get around, little man! try the potato rajas tacos at border grill. they’re the best :)

  4. becks*

    wowie! awesome carousel! x

  5. 4/17/2012

    Need a lesson on gif making! Be my mum! :-)

  6. 4/18/2012

    Many thanks for introducing me to the Munster kid’s line. I’m totally obsessed now! :)

    • Ah great to hear! They do awesome things for little boys! Similar is Minti Kids Clothing x

      • 4/18/2012

        Thanks so much! I’ll look there, too. I have two little boys and am always looking for something different. Love your blog!

  7. 4/18/2012

    see from his expression, I felt he was very happy. I am also pleased …

  8. 4/20/2012

    I may be in love with that t-shirt.
    Your little blog makes it hard for me to resist buying my nephews more clothes :P

  9. […] by American Apparel Kids; t-shirt from Santa Monica Pier; skinny jeans by Cheap Mondays; sparkly purple Converse shoes fromHypeDC. spread some {tiny} love […]

  10. 10/9/2012

    wow,, its beautiful,, I’m very like,,,

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