Merry Christmas

I’ve been counting down and I am all ready for Christmas.

I have a little Christmas tree made out of tangrams on my wall. My favourite decoration is our “Christmas doggy” – he’s dressed like Michael Jackson, his eyes light up green, and he plays a fake version of Thriller and dances.

Christmas decorations

We made our family tree from large boards – we chopped them with a hand saw into a tree shape and then spray painted them.

Our homemade Christmas tree

Mummy knit a little Christmas runner for my table.

Knitted Christmas table runner

It’s warm here in Australia, but we managed to find snow… in a big plastic snowglobe… in a shopping centre…

Family Christmas picture

I left my sweater on a little longer. Mum had to put on the air conditioning.


We don’t have a fireplace – so I lit a little flame for Santa just in case.


Mummy knit daddy and I matching stockings. She says daddy will learn to knit and make her one next year. *Dreaming*


I am very excited for Christmas morning. I asked for a skateboard.

Fingers crossed, we all get what we’re dreaming of.


xoxo The {Tiny} Times