My Christmas day

On Christmas it is snowing. Christmas tree! There are lights. We put decorations on. We sing songs. We watched a Christmas movie when it it is Christmas on the computer on the table. I opened five presents.

Happy happy happy! I feel so good good.

Excitement christmas morning

Presents! Santa Claus!

Christmas presents under the tree

I’m opening my stocking.

knitted stocking christmas morning

Did you knit these with chopsticks?


I’m playing the piano trumpet for the computer.

skype christmas morning

I feel good. I am opening my presents.

Opening christmas presents

I’m playing my trumpet. Haha. I’m playing with my piano. My drum! I don’t know what is it? Is it a different kind of car?


I opened my stocking and then we had a picture taken.

family christmas with sloth

The Christmas Doggy is dancing to Michael Jackie song. I want to make a Christmas tree like that on my wall right now.

Christmas decorations


opening presents christmas morning

Merry Christmas,


The {Tiny} Times