ANNOUNCEMENT: Winner of my ultimate robot competition

*Beep boop boop beep beep boop*

Last month I asked you to answer the question: “If you were a robot, what would your name be?” I received many creative entries and it was difficult to choose!

I picked the robot I would most like to see come to life. And that was nominated by Meghan in Darwin, Australia, who wrote:

“I live in Darwin in the Northern Territory so I would be Crocobuffobot with crocodile jaws and buffalo horns.”

Meghan will receive:

One TOMY Battroborg Motion Controlled Robot Battle Arena

Fighting robots



I also gave Meghan the option to pick between either my “Skip the Robot” toy as featured in Cool Knitting or a custom-made Crocobuffobot - being the wise lady that she is, she has chosen the Croc! So stay tuned and I will show you what a crocodile/buffalo/robot looks like!


Here are some of the honourable mentions:

Brandy from the USA would be “Super Duper mama from the land of BBKAIAK.” I found this very amusing : )

Maria from Greece would be “Robotequieros.” I found this very intriguing.

My Linh from the USA would be “BooleanCube.” My mum said this is mathematical but I thought this was candy and therefore found this very delicious.